Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Computation

Fall 2015, M. Tech (CS) II Year, Indian Statistical Institute

“Quantum Computation and Quantum Information” by Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang, Cambridge University Press, First Edition, 2000.


Total: 100.

Break up: Scribe: 20, Assignments: 15, Midsem: 25, Final: 40.

Scribe of Lectures:

Note that these scribes contain only a summary of what is discussed in class and do not necessarily cover all the points in detail.

  1. Lecture 1: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information
  2. Lecture 2: Quantum States, Operators, Measurements
  3. Lecture 3: No Cloning Theorem and Quantum Entanglement
  4. Lecture 4: Quantum Teleportation
  5. Lecture 5: Superdense Coding
  6. Lecture 6: Quantum Cryptography
  7. Lecture 7: Quantum Gates and Circuits
  8. Lecture 8: Quantum Computing; Deutsch and Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithms
  9. Lecture 9: Quantum Search: Grover’s Algorithm
  10. Lecture 10: Quantum Period Finding; Shor’s Factoring
  1. Mid-Semester Examination
  2. Semester Examination