Fall 2015, M. Tech (CS) II Year, Indian Statistical Institute

“Cryptography: Theory and Practice” by Douglas R. Stinson, Chapman and Hall/CRC, Third Edition, 2005.

Reference book:

“Introduction to Modern Cryptography: Principles and Protocols” by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell, Chapman and Hall/CRC, First Edition, 2007.


Total: 100.

Break up: Scribe: 20, Assignments: 15, Midsem: 25, Final: 40.

Scribe of Lectures:

Note that these scribes contain only a summary of what is discussed in class and do not necessarily cover all the points in detail.

  1. Lecture 1: Introduction to Cryptology; Classical Ciphers I
  2. Lecture 2: Classical Ciphers II; Some number theoretic results on GCD
  3. Lecture 3: Classical Ciphers III; Kerckhoff’s Principle; Definition of Security
  4. Lecture 4: Perfect Secrecy: Several Equivalent Formulations
  5. Lecture 5: Limitations of Perfect Secrecy; Shannon’s Theorem
  6. Lecture 6: Computational Security
  7. Lecture 7: LFSR I; Finite Fields
  8. Lecture 8: LFSR II; Boolean Functions
  9. Lecture 9: Modern Block Ciphers; Linear and Differential Attacks
  10. Lecture 10: DES and AES; Mode of Operations
  11. Lecture 11: MAC and Hash Functions
  12. Lecture 12: Introduction to PKC; RSA I
  13. Lecture 13: RSA II; ElGamal; Knapsack
  14. Lecture 14: RSA Variants; Digital Signatures and Certificates; PKI
  15. Lecture 15: Key Exchange Protocols
  1. Mid-Semester Examination
  2. Semester Examination